Coming Sat. Oct 23: Orange Mailer 2.0 (updated)

You will see everything from new colors to simplified layouts. From faster load speeds to new subscription levels.

Some items on the agenda*
A flatter design (less shadows and less 3D look/feel).
– An easier and faster (less clicks) way to add funds.
– The free subscription (“Pay as you go / Convenience”) will be more streamlined with fewer “bells and whistles” to get in your way. Faster postage creation! No more address book, enhanced tracking, cost codes or notes.
A new paid subscription level (“Convenience Plus” – $4.99 monthly) will enable the extra “bells and whistles” if you want them. Existing customers on the “pay as you go” can upgrade for just $2.99
3rd party shipping will now be on the “Convenience Plus” plan and will no longer be charge a 3 cents per label fee.
An updated interface (via the backend code) that embraces the most recent responsive tools for a better experience on most any device.
Apple Pay for subscriptions.
– The “bells and whistles” now include a streamlined Address book, better pagination on the History tab, different navigation for the less used “admin stuff”.

and more….

*items may change, adjust based on user feedback. Share your thoughts – send email to support AT

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