Mid Summer Update

The last few months have been a time of “stress release” for many – including those of us here at Orange Marmalade, Inc. we had vacations, visits with friends and family we have not seen in a year and time outside enjoying the life we have been given and remembering those that have moved on.

During this de-stress period we have not been sitting idle. Rather, we have been researching and studying what it is that you – our customers – may want. To that end – always feel free to reach-out to us via a support ticket. That way your request will be documented as will our response to it.

As we start to hunker down for another 6 months of 2021 we can share that we are in the process of making changes to the First Class Tracking offering.

As you may be aware, we offer “First Class Mail Status” (what others call “tracking”). This status reaches out to USPS to ask their systems where in the chain your mail is. Although it works fairly well, the messages returned can be odd. So ….. starting on July 26, 2021 all First Class Mail will also show a “shipment status” in the notes section of the History tab.

During the initial testing, both the Status and the Tracking will show on First Class Mailings. If all goes well, the original Status button will be removed.

One note of concern:
Regardless of what USPS says about a status (such as “arrived at destination”), when it comes to First Class letters, cards or flats – there is NO ACCEPTANCE OR DELIVERY SCAN that happens. Unlike Priority Mail or Express Mail, at no time does an actual USPS person scan your First Class mail when it is put in the mail box.

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