March Updates

The last few months we have been diligently working to bring you enhancements, updates and new developments.

Easy Address Deletion:
Ever try to delete an address from your address book, but it was 3 pages in or you just couldn’t locate the one you want?

No more!
Now simply search for the offending address by typing in the search box, and to the left of the address click the red “x”. Tada!

IMb History:
When viewing the Intelligent Mail Barcode information (what we call “Status”) it now shows the actual IMb code. This can be used for eBay, Amazon and others as the tracking number.

Just don’t forget – it isn’t considered actual “tracking” as no delivery info is ever collected and it can not be searched online via standard tracking software.

New Online Store:
Do you need a scale? Perhaps a label printer? Stamps?
Now rather than shooting in the dark and hoping you get the right thing from Amazon, you can shop our online store right from inside Orange Mailer!

We are building our supply chain so soon we’ll have envelopes, paper and labels. But for now – we offer scales, label printers (at a great deal!) and USPS Stamps.

Want to check it out without creating an Orange Mailer account?

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