Can you really print postage from your home or office?

blue-2705642_960_720Yes you can!

You don’t need to get all blue because you have to go stand in line at the post office. Now you can print postage for any letter or package you may need to get out the door.

Aunt Sally’s post card? – Yup.
Nephew Bill’s Birthday Present? – Yup.
Ok – how about that box of documents I need to send over to the IRS for my business? Yup. That too!

Yea – life used to be so hard, but now everything is easy….

Orange Mailer is the answer.
True “Pay As You Go” postage. On-demand and on the fly. Same price as standing in line at the post office (or anywhere else for that matter).

But – wait – you want a discount?

Ok – we can do that too. Sign up for a subscription and receive up to 50% off your postage!

Of course – now you bring up that occasional FedEx (or UPS or DHL) package that just has to go a different way… well we got you covered for that to! Just add in your account info and we’ll only charge you 3 cents for each label (you still gotta pay the other guys though).

What do you need to accomplish this you ask?
That part is easy – a pc/mac/iPad/iPhone/ etc., etc. An internet connection, and of course – a printer (although we recommend a label printer). Then add some funds, print your postage and attach it to your shipment (you can print directly on #10 size envelope if you like).

What’s really great – you can use it once and never be charged again (unless you have a monthly subscription – which is totally optional).

So – relax. Color your hair, get into your bathing suit, put on your shades and relax. You got time now.

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