Mr. Postman look and see…


Is there a letter in your bag for me…

The post office is not dead. No matter what people say – mailing stuff – be it paper stuff, package stuff, any stuff – is not dead. In fact, it is alive and kicking – and often times it is the best deal around.

How to print and ship USPS Postage From Home or Office with Deep Discounts!

USPS postage at a discounted rate (mostly for Priority® / Express and Flat Rate boxes) can easily be accessed online and printed using your regular printer. It is convenient and can save you a lot of time.

Who hasn’t been to the post office and had to face the long – long line? If you are one of the few folks that has a post office that never has that line – consider yourself counted among the fortunate. Most of us know that dreaded feeling – ahh… I gotta go to the post office…

No more! Now you don’t have to worry about keeping stamps on hand. Just purchase online when you need it, and avoid the lines. USPS will even pick it up at your home or office if you need them to.

And the best option for printing postage at your home / office: is a great option for printing postage from anywhere you have access to a computer (or mobile device or Chromebook, etc.) and a printer. Labels makes it easier but you can always print on regular paper then cut and tape it on your package / envelope. offers a 15 days free trial period with retail rates on the postage. This gives you a good chance to test out the system before opting in for an account with discounted rates. If you know you will be shipping a couple of packages a week or more then you are better off to opt in for the account with a monthly fee of $7.99 or $12.99 since the discount on the rates will save you that fee and more in no time (and if you already use or Pitney  Bowes – you will see an immediate savings.)

Before the 15 days are up you have to decide if you want to sign up for a paid account or the free “Pay as you go” version.  Here is a break down of the different options: “Pay As You Go” . With this you can buy postage at retail rates for USPS Priority / Express and Flat rate boxes.  No extra fee’s. This saves you the time and hassle of lining up at the post office.

Level 1. $9.99 a month.
Allows you to buy postage at up to a 33% savings! Additional postage options available include First Class® / Media / Library / USPS Priority / Express / Flat rate boxes.  The best savings are on the Priority Mail options. You also get an address book, ( the program autosaves your ship to addresses each time you print postage ) and transaction history.

Level 2. $14.99
Level 2 allows you to buy postage at a great discount! is selling the postage at cost (CPP Rates), so up to 50% savings (and sometimes more) from retail rates.

Multiple postage options are available including First class / Media / Library / USPS Priority / Express / Flat rate boxes and Parcel Post (ideal for e-commerce).  The best savings are on the Priority Mail options. You also get a address book, ( the program autosaves your ship to addresses each time you print postage ) and transaction history AND the ability to connect your Fedex / UPS / DHL accounts and print shipping labels  for them at NO ADDITIONAL COST (no per-label fees, etc.).

We did some research and a box sized 10x10x5 going priority to zone 7 showed a  savings of almost $7!

Compare that to standing in line at the post office and paying retail rate. Shipping to zone 1 and the savings was “just” $2.30!  You can quickly save money on top of the convenience of doing it all in your home or office instead of standing in line at the post office.

Our recommendation:

  1. Go to
  2. Click the “sign up” button.
  3. Enter your email and desired password in the popup window.
    (Secured using Auth0 for your protection)
  4. Enter name / Phone / Email information then click the “register” button.

Now your account is being created and you need to login again to access it. On first login  you are placed in the free trial version for 15 days. You can see the address book being populated as you are shipping / mailing,

  1. to start shipping just enter ship from address and ship to, (click save this address on the ship from so you don’t have to enter it every time)
  2. Enter the dimensions / weight or pick a preset and click “get rates”.
    Select your rate option in the dropdown menu.
  1. Add funds. If you haven’t added any funds then you need to do that before you can print the label. (there are various methods of adding funds. One is to find the link in blue that reads “would you like to add funds?
  1. Print label and done!

All you need do next is contact the postoffice to schedule a pickup (integration coming soon), or swing by the post office and go directly to the counter (look for other people doing the same thing), or wait for your postal employee to stop by with the days mail.

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